Late day 2 #Feneas hackathon report. Yesterday we worked more on the #kubernetes cluster, which now has databases for both #postgresql and #mysql, Etherpad has been migrated over to the cluster and work is ongoing on setting up a #Matrix stack and a backup solution for all the stuff that runs in the cluster.

Work continues today, though slower due to social happenings and a few of us doing things like actual work :P

#FOSDEM goers - #Delirium Cafe later in the evening!

Use for rating and logging your ? Check out this cool app by @zauberstuhl called **Unmappd** which not only shows you where you enjoyed your beer but allows you to also playback history. Epic :)

Below zooming in to my recent years in , at least those where venue was given.

@heluecht @jaywink What's the thinking RE:

I had designed go-fed to always generate JSON-LD contexts where non-AxtivityPub vocabularies are aliased so that there's no property name and no type name collisions between different things.

I'd like to standardize on that so we can be future proof for further RDF compatibility.

Don't know if @Gargron and @nightpool and @kaniini would be interested as well.

Got some beautiful #stickers and thingies 😃 Feneas pin has already found its home on my backpack 🎒 Thank you, #Feneas and #Socialhome

#Feneas annual winter meeting coming up soon!!

Voting is open for members only, so here's your chance to support the federated web and make a difference 💓


#federation #network #meeting #membership

ActivityPub? Well, it’s not that bad

> This is an answer to the blog post ActivityPub – one protocol to rule them all? of Dennis Schubert. Dennis was asked if Diaspora would implement ActivityPub, this blog post was his answer.…

#activitypub #diaspora #federation

@cj hey is there any other way for internal processes to send/create AP stuff then using `pub.PostOutbox`?

Currently the federated web holds 35 projects with 9 different protocols (source: all trying to connect and communicate with each other. But does that actually work?

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