Alright. New year, new goals. Just stopped my Apple Music subscription and will return to MP3 files.

This is the first move of a whole big plan dedicated to diminishing my digital footprint, "deplatforming" my content (Medium, Twitter, Instagram) and turning to decentralised, self-hosted and open source solutions. Not to mention I already deleted my facebook profile months ago as well as my Amazon account.

I'll document the whole process on :)

Yeah! Been doing that for a while now :) A few learnings: FLAC format, definitely better sound than MP3! (Lossless) Buying: is perfect and 7digital for the rest. For listening at home try Moode or Volumio on raspberry pi for audiophile quality on a good old NAD amplifier. @funkwhale + dSub android app is the perfect combo for replacing Spotify usecase. (Avail. with @yunohost) And for discovery, we're here to help at @mailtape 🤗


@imacrea Thanks for this great info! I was thinking of starting such project soon, but I'm still trying to figure it all out.

What do you think of AirSonic on a RaspberryPi? Would you recommend it?

Hi! Didnt try Airsonic sorry, I dont have feedback on that :/ I bought a Allo BOSS with Volumio on it and been happy with it.. Though recently updates looked to slow down the system so I switched for Moode and all good so far! I control it with M.A.L.P on Android ;)

Oh and it is locally connected to a Synology NAS which hold all my music library.

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