She was so cute that we spent a bit more than together, luckily her train was late🚉

Thanks to @Curator for those nice suggestions

Schneider ink cartridge roller ball pen

Have a nice explorations 🌍 week-end !

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@mesexplogab @Curator
Wow, ink cartridges. I remember those.

My first design job out of school was as a technical illustrator, hand-rendering isometric and perspective views with Rapidograph pens — and refilling the cartridges, and cleaning the tips.

After about a year, I'd developed a permanant stain on the first joint at the end of my left index finger from where I was scraping the dried ink off the nib while drawing. The ink worked its way under the top layer of skin, like a crude tattoo.

@flugennock @Curator
I threw away my 3 old Rotring pens a few months ago...😂
But my Schneider cartridge rollerball works very cleanly for now. It uses single use cartridges.

@mesexplogab @Curator

When I first used MacDraw in 1985, it was like a gift from the gods. I couldn't wait to ditch those sloppy Rapidographs.

It still took several years for the ink stains to fade from that one knuckle on my left hand.

I'm strictly a 4b graphite pencil, Sharpie, Razorball and Molotow Blackliner man, now. Clean, black lines, perfect on the scanner.

@mesexplogab I like how accurate your reference practices are. Keep the good work going ✌🏻

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