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Great to see Mozilla move off the proprietary Medium platform to a general, open, blog format:


The more I use, the more I like it. Bridging to IRC to keep in contact with and considering it for future #opensource projects. Perhaps it's time to support it somehow


“Decentralised Hashtag Search and Subscription in Federated Social Networks” – Schmittlauch

Hello people! You may have noticed that @apconf is now online, and *some* of the videos have started to appear!

So far:
- @mlemweb's introduction to the conference
- My keynote:
"ActivityPub: past, present, future"
- Mark Miller's keynote: “Architectures of Robust Openness”

More are coming... the server is working away at making them available :)

Happy Friday? It definitely is! Check out This Week in Matrix, it's got all the latest news about #matrix and #decentralisation, and features a great video chat about progress and plans for bridging with Slack, IRC and more PLUS new server ranking table!

was very quiet today with - unfortunately. The march was nowhere to be found, parliament stairs had some 30 or so people present. Everybody has been drumming the big march in one week - will be shouting there then with hopefully even more than the 50K or so last time!

Met @jonne tho which was nice! 😊


Since Mozilla may or may not switch over to Matrix for real-time communication in the future, I've started implementing a JS bot for Matrix:

Come help! Now it can quote (most important), also retrieve tree status and expand bug numbers.



We're gearing up to implement all new UX for E2E encryption, including cross-signing (yay!!!), trust-on-first-use, E2E search, and then at last E2E-by-default! We're also making the leap to for our UI/UX work, which is proving incredibly fun :D Here's a sneak peek...


@heluecht @jaywink What's the thinking RE:

I had designed go-fed to always generate JSON-LD contexts where non-AxtivityPub vocabularies are aliased so that there's no property name and no type name collisions between different things.

I'd like to standardize on that so we can be future proof for further RDF compatibility.

Don't know if @Gargron and @nightpool and @kaniini would be interested as well.

I'm participating in the global tomorrow 20th and also on the 27th.

I would recommend you do too. We need to demand a for the next generation. Find your local events at

The KDE community endorses the Global Climate Strike tomorrow, September 20th. See

"There is no Free Software on a dead planet."

Find your local march on


smell in the bathroom. had tried to summon a fruit daemon mayhabs? Must ask in the morning.

Public, private, mystery. 

Guess I'm really dumb, cause I can't seem to understand why so much is being done to prevent public content from being public, and (comparatively) so little to make "limited" messages more private (i.e. private from administrators). Eh.

I like coding a lot, other people should too!
It's like learning to build and creates something new.
As you go, you'll meet people who're grumpy and mean
Don't let them get you down, let your brightness be seen!

It’s really not that hard to give people control over their privacy.

We do it every day. tweeted by @Firefox

Thanks everyone who attended our (slightly postponed) Summer Annual General Meeting! Good discussion. For notes, logs and audio recording, see our forum:…


RT @gretathunberg
On my way to Capitol Hill. At 10h we’ll testify at The House Committee on Foreign Affairs. At 12h I will support Our Children's Trust at the Supreme Court. Then at 17h ET I will address Members of Congress in the Ways & Means Committee Hearing Room. #UniteBehindTheScience

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