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According to the #fediverse has crossed 3 million registered users (and this is excluding Gab)

#BorisJohnson ‘surprised’ by level of Irish border checks | #Politics | The Guardian

More evidence that Johnson really has no clue and makes stuff up and blusters and blunders to cover his ignorance. No-one should be surprised by this as he has been doing for his whole adult life.

#UK #Ireland #Brexit

re: rms

yes, the media coverage was incredibly misleading
no, he should have been kicked out years ago from all the other dumbass shit he's done


I'll be attending next October with a few fellow folks, see you there :)


@jaywink @dansup I just hope the Free Software movement doesn't get affected negatively by this. This is something that will test the strength of the movement and prove that it doesn't depend on a single person, but that there's many people behind it willing to work for its success. The GPL/AGPL/LGPL and other copyleft licenses are something we truly need these days. Thanks for your service and efforts, RMS, but the movement needs to grow beyond you.

hey ppl, I've too accumulated a good number of Humble Bundle keys games I will never play, so here is a list of games first come first served.

Maybe now the can look forward to being a slightly less extreme organization to get their message across to a larger audience.

Richard M. Stallman resigns -

> On September 16, 2019, Richard M. Stallman, founder and president of the Free Software Foundation, resigned as president and from its board of directors.

Stallman démissionne de son poste de président et quitte le conseil d'administration de la FSF !

exactly the same in parallel universe where won

> Scientists created a window into another dimension to view the newspaper, in the hope of gaining insight into how history had developed differently, but instead it was just the Daily Mail.
> “At first we were appalled by the nightmarish world of deep-seated paranoia, hatred of everyone and unwavering faith in war as the solution to everything, then we realised how familiar it seemed.

RT @FridayForFuture
These are the registered demonstrations for our 3. global strike next Friday on 20/9! The list is far from complete but already includes all continents (yes, also Antarctica). In Germany alone, 400+ school strikes are planned
RT to show that you'll support us!

Got some beautiful #stickers and thingies 😃 Feneas pin has already found its home on my backpack 🎒 Thank you, #Feneas and #Socialhome

, latest updates


> There is [a PR]( with a lot of modifications, including name change to ServiceInfo.
> I will be doing the discovery changes discussed above tomorrow. Then I hope to produce a single HTML document for the spec. After that, will be pushing for discussion to various places like project issue trackers and the W3C SocialCG group.
> Feedback welcome.

Chat bridge across to Telegram

As per request from a community member, we've bridged our main chat room (` on #Matrixand `#feneas` on #Freenode)over to #Telegram. You'll find it at
Before deciding to do this, we had a (!XTcFGXYoSwwJPindt) which passed 3 in favour, 1 against. There was enthusiastic discussion about this. Some people had concerns over promoting centralized services, however many people saw the benefits of enabling people on the centralized services to get involved on the #federatedweb via the tools they currently use.

How was your week? This Week in Matrix we're celebrating being included in Mozilla's shortlist of IM systems, looking forward to improved Slack bridging (1.0 incoming!) and MORE! Go read:

Happy first anniversary,! #Zotum #Hubzilla

P.S. if you're a hubmin and you want to take part in #Fediverse statistics (crawlers and other hubs know about federating nodes anyway), please, enable nodeinfo in settings

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