Use for rating and logging your ? Check out this cool app by @zauberstuhl called **Unmappd** which not only shows you where you enjoyed your beer but allows you to also playback history. Epic :)

Below zooming in to my recent years in , at least those where venue was given.

I'm participating in the global tomorrow 20th and also on the 27th.

I would recommend you do too. We need to demand a for the next generation. Find your local events at

smell in the bathroom. had tried to summon a fruit daemon mayhabs? Must ask in the morning.

Saw this cool completely covered in parked next to mine yesterday. Had to leave a sticker for them, just in case they need more 😁

Note to self: renew your tire puncture kits regularly. Apparently over the years the glue thingy just evaporates otherwise? 3 containers, all looked pretty full, all containing just fumes.

No before a trip to the shops 😢

has finally arrived to our house thanks to the 👌

Positively surprised of how much entertainment it brings and the stuff that it allows to do. The girls are just playing in creator mode, building lots of buildings and taking care of animals.

. Ja mistä huolehtii? Laskettelulomista.

Tämä niin kuvastaa ihmiskunnan prioriteettejä.

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