I've regretted building a multi-protocol library a thousand times while implementing for . Would have been so much simpler to just build everything into Socialhome itself.

If the protocol dies I will cry because of this. But one day if I want to add a third protocol, I will be happy as it will require minimal changes to Socialhome.

@jaywink Ok. Give me a few days to invent some fancy SN protocol. And I will name it "YAUSoNeP" stands for "Yet Another Social Network Protocol".

You're welcome.

@jaywink And I will make it the most bloated social network protocol. For instance, I will require that every message contains a suite of 32 consecutive decimals of Pi and every message should contain exactly a number of bits represented by the 5 first digits of Planck's constant.
This will be awesome 👍

@AugierLe42e Sounds like it will be adopted well. I'll wait for the pull requests into my federation library 😋

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