Is there something special about the way federates deletes? I log all received payloads on my dev instance, tried deleting an unlisted and then public toot which was delivered to my dev instance, but the delete never arrievs 🤔

ping @Gargron @nightpool

@jaywink @gargron what instance were you deleting from? mastodon sends deletes to all known inboxes last I checked

@nightpool @Gargron from - also noticed my test account on socialhome is not receiving any posts unless I specifically mention the test account - but it's receiving all non mentioning posts from other mastodon accounts 🤔 .. maybe something bonkered with this account

@jaywink @gargron yep, that sounds like mastodon doesn't think your test account is following the account

@nightpool @Gargron it does though hmm. Just did an unfollow/follow from both sides to ensure a clean slate.

I'll try with a fresh account.

@nightpool @Gargron so a fresh account on everything works as expected. This account must have some bad data from earlier tests or something 🤔

@jaywink @Gargron @nightpool are you working on AP on Socialhome again? Great to hear!

@Heluecht Yep, it's taken a long time due to all the real life shit :/

@jaywink that's how life goes.

BTW: When you need any help in AP, I guess you know how to reach me 😁 Although there are many more experienced person out there concerning AP, I guess I can help with some problems, especially when it comes to cross protocol behaviour.

@Heluecht Yeah I'm currently testing things on Mastodon and Friendica, rest later

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