@jaywink the way I was handling this issue, was to create an activitypub Service actor with information covering some of the things you might need to know. It wouldn't cover everything in a nodeinfo document but would provide other useful information (in activitypub context), eg OAuth and shared inbox for the whole service, etc.

@mariusor Interesting, thanks. I guess discovery of that would happen by convention retrieving the root path of the domain where actors are found from?

What I'm personally interested in is a protocol-neutral specification since I want to see cross-protocol support using a compatible metadata document. Also AS2 objects tend to be something you can interact with somehow while a metadata document is for pure informational purposes IMHO.

@jaywink I think that the service is not really tied to the root. Maybe an out of band mechanism (similar to or the same as the webfinger resource=acct:.. ) for getting the default service url.

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