Realtime WW2, This day in 1941:…

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[attachment type='link' url='' title='WW2 Tweets from 1941 on Twitter' preview='']“Stalin's ministers refuse to make decisions without him: they fear he's imitating Tsar Ivan the Terrible, who tested his subordinates' loyalty by faking a breakdown.”[/attachment]…

@clacke Woah, really need to enhance that bot to not use Twitter embed and instead make native posts.


@clacke They're not? Except the url. Not quite sure how generates it? Socialhome has no URL scheme `/posts/`.

Once Socialhome moves to AP the URL for the post will be in the object and Friendica and others can then provide the right links without guessing.

@jaywink Oh! So I guess the URL shown is generated based on assumptions about how Diaspora-the-software does things?

@clacke Yes probably. To be fair the Friendica developers have asked me about Socialhome URL schemes at least once ;)

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