Today we launch our discussion forum powered by to help folk have a place for cross-platform collaboration discussion.


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@jaywink I like the idea.
I just wish you had choosen a federated forum, since this is the purpose we're here I guess.

@jaywink hubzilla?
It has federated forums and they are being used by the hubzilla comunity.

@paulfree14 We thought about it. One of the problems with that thought was that since Hubzilla is a part of the , in both and protocols, it would not have been a "neutral place for discussion". I know this might sound crazy, but I actually think it would have caused some people to say "oh we'll participate once our platform has forum feature level federation with hubzilla".

Choosing a completely "neutral" platform avoids this problem.

@paulfree14 Plus, all the respect to Hubzilla, I do love the project, but DIscourse is considered by far the most feature rich forum platform. It was a difficult choice to make tho.

@jaywink even so that seems to be far of my reality, I fear you might be right.

I still hold up to the believe that a part of the fediverse is about undoing our habits of concurence that we have so deeply intecreated into out culture, thx to capitalism, that it's difficult to undo it, and adjust it to collaboration and coperation...exept when it comes to opression, this we shall counter.

anyway, I do respect your decision. while I don't have time/energy to participate in, I wish you good look with it.
I hope it will work out.

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