It does prove the usefulness of that through all the outage, my account was not affected at all. Most of the people I chat to are on other servers than the one affected.

Federate <3

@jaywink thanks ! Indeed, Federation is great, I have my own Matrix instance, and was totally unaware there was an outage...

@jaywink I have an account on their server but it's not my main

basically: same

@jaywink Exactly. Same here. However, there does seem to be a lack of user education regarding the intended decentralization in that a lot of folks just signed up for a account rather than setting up their own or joining another homeserver. So yesterday there was a lot of "oh noes, Matrix is down!" from those users.

If I remember correctly, the Matrix project has said before that is just a server implementation to bootstrap the platform. Their long-term goal is to not continue running that hosted instance in perpetuity but rather deprecate and decommission it once there are enough diverse instances and the system is self-supporting. How well that will work out remains to be seen.

@sean It's se same problem with all federated platforms really, a few instances have most of the users.

But even this is a gazillion amounts better than 100% on one instance.

@jaywink @sean As the experience with the #pumpocalypse back in 2012 has shown, even a very center-heavy federated network can survive the departure of the largest node, and grow to become bigger than the network before the split.

After moved to, sites like increased their numbers dramatically, and by the time of the two big Twitter exoduses around 2016 I wouldn't be surprised if the posting volume and the number of active users were already back to early-2012 levels.
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