Breaking: The text of and the Directive has just been finalised

Please reshare widely and **take action**. This has the potential to endanger the as we know it, making it more and more composed of only large platforms.

This has the possibility of killing projects and small trying to compete with the big .

This will put everything I work for as a and at . So if you don't take action because the internet, take action because otherwise I might need to find new hobbies and work!

Ps. And yes, this affects people outside too. The internet knows no boundaries.

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If you make less than 10 million € per year with your hobby you can go on...
I say this just to relax you, not to defend article 13 !

@agnez @jaywink Better read the link to the personal website of Julia Reda that Jason provided.

@NickFreeman People who care about people could argue that, if you want a true leftist politicy, exit EU is required.

Let's see how left ( & liberal ) the UK is going to be in ~1 year. I think international companys care less about laws affecting a smaller area as they have less to lose.

@NickFreeman @AugierLe42e Yep, I'm going to also heavily say the UK will be more corporate owned. It will have to struggle for trade deals and that means making concessions.

@jaywink Of course, if the country wants to survive now, it will have to produce everything locally and strongly control economy. It *could* be a chance here with the right policy. But in the case of UK, I have serious doubts...

@AugierLe42e @NickFreeman or import lots of shit from dubious sources without care of human rights since not controlled by the strong laws of any more.

I hate it when people try to bring down all the good that has been built.

@jaywink All the good that has been built? Let me doubt about this sentence. 2010's Euro crisis was rooted to EU's gov budget rules and structure of ECB (independance from EU/states + neutrality except for inflation control). It has been constantly proved ever since. The german economic model of competition is dramatically failing. Germany is the sole winner of it. Every other EU country is loosing. EU treaty have failed. They must be rewritten quickly before the next eco crisis.

@jaywink But, of course, liberal government at the head of most EU's country won't let that happen because they so blindly believe this is the right model they are unable to event understand any other economic model.

So, if a country wants to protect itself from next cisis of capitalism, it must jump of the boat like NOW.

@jaywink It won't be pretty, and yes, it's sad having to renounce to that EU dream. But the genious idea has a horribly aweful implementation. And it can't be fixed easily. Put down the current EU and buid something else is the only solution to survive.

@jaywink Put it in another way, current EU treaties are like a gangrene. It spread from the leg to the rest of the body and threats to kill the patient. Now I get you like the leg. I get you like the idea of the leg. But right now, no medicine can cure the gangrene. You need to cut the leg. We'll do what we can next to repaire it, to implant a bionic leg. But right now, the first thing to do is to cut the leg. No other choice. Everything elese is insanity.

@AugierLe42e @NickFreeman Sorry, but history proves you wrong. You have no evidence the EU breaking down will make anything better for anyone. All you're saying is "blow everything up and lets see what happens".

I think that is disgusting, sorry. If perfect leftist society would happen, it would have already happened in the tens of thousands of years.

Your striving for perfection is contributing to the cycle of continuing what has happened all through history.

Build, don't demolish.

@AugierLe42e @NickFreeman And this is all I have time to spend on this discussion since I know we will just disagree, which is a shame.

@jaywink I actually have evidence that everything is breaking down. The current economic model (ordoliberalism) was unable to face 2008 crisis (hence 2010's Euro crisis). It's a fact. And capitalism producing economic crisis at a cyclic rythm of 1 every 10 to 15 years. It's also a fact. Meaning that, when the next crisis comes, in the 5 next years, it will be the same shit that in 2010. And I hope not a third European war...

@jaywink Now I don't say "destroy everything and see what happens". There is a plan. But the plan requires to change EU in a deep way (won't happen soon) or get out of it and build something else outside. It's not disgusting. It's just the only sane thing to do.

@jaywink m sad O have a series of videos from an ex-trader that explains all this. But it's French 😔

@AugierLe42e @NickFreeman You know what other groups go around saying "I have a bunch of videos" to prove their claim?

Climate denialists, anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists...

You're in that club then? :)

Seriously, if you want to prevent another war, don't try to tear things keeping us from fighting down.

@jaywink Scientists also have videos to prove their claims. It's called vulgarisation. Ok, I won't change your mind. But you can't deny that current ECB structure and budget rules are not fit to prevent economic crisis since they just ignore them. It's the model. But since crisis are still happening, the model fails. This is prove. They are serious economic papers on this. From that, I let you draw the conclusions. If no other crisis ever happens, ok. But it's unlikely to happen..


Just a little bit. In germany you either learn french, spanish or latin as your 2nd foreign language.

@NickFreeman Alright. Sad. Otherwise I would have given you the link. But auto-generated subtitles are shit.

@AugierLe42e @NickFreeman Sure the EU has its problems, no one is saying it doesn't. But your solution to throw everything away and just "hope for the best" is not something I want to subject my kids to, at it annoys me when people want to subject my kids to that kind of future.

@jaywink The problems in questions, are like a building that is not fit to resist earthquake in a region where earthquakes happen regularly. What you are saying is that a building threatening to collapse is better than temporarily no building waiting for something that is earthquake resistant to be built.

And before you say it can be reinforced : it can't. The economic model is just like this. It denies the very existance of economic crisis :

@jaywink Let me add that the problems caused by budget rules were rised in 2005 when French rejected the European treaty. It was just renamed to Lisbon treaty and signed in 2007 without asking the question this time. The subprime crisis happened the very next year. It's only in Europe that it escalated into the Euro crisis because ESB couldn't fund European states. Meanwhile, USA was injection a huge amount of public money into economy and out of the crisis within 2 years.

@NickFreeman GB is not reknown for having a stong marxist culture. So I doubt the country will benefit from brexit. Unless Corbyn becomes PM and use this to pass important laws regulating economy?

@jaywink the world is making me very sad in terms of this kind of stuff :( net neutrality in the US, this stuff in the EU...

Just waiting for when the frigging conservatives get reelected in Canada and they try to fuck something up as well :(

@jaywink I'm all with you and I'll do everything I can and all but I've also learned to prepare for the worst. If this goes through the 'tech industry' has a major ace upon it's sleeve. They are able to turn the internet on black if they collaborate. No social, no email, no webhosting nothing. Silly? Perhaps but I know what happened when Google threatened to close Google News in Spain four years ago.

The internet on black for one day maybe in Germany and France first. Let's see what happens.

@jaywink Wow, that's so messed up it seems like a bad dream! Wondering how it will affect those of us in the USA. Will I have to deny access to EU citizens from my web sites? Power run amok!

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