If anyone in is planning a instance, here is your chance! admin available with possibility of domain owner change if wanted.!XTcFGXYoSwwJPindt

@jaywink Tried to click that link, created a account, clicked it again. Nothing ever happens. It just puts me on the front page of
No clue if the link is to something that I can't access or if I'm "holding it wrong".

@tbr Did you click the link in the "Access message" column? Depending on where you want to open it. The "Matrix-Static" works without an account. If you use Riot, click on the Riot row and it should open in Riot.

@jaywink Yes I tried "access messages" in the row. That just gives me the front-page of matrix org with star/join a room, a list of rooms.
I succeeded in viewing the room with the static link.
Is there like a proper room name that I could feed to the join room field? (Putting the URL there doesn't work)

@tbr Hmm weird, usually it works well (the link I mean).

The room name is - see you there! :)

@jaywink Got in. I guess it cached something "wrong".
Also some things don't seem to render and JS console spews errors, but that looks like breakage of some sort.
Anyhow, on to biznez.

@jaywink OK, logged into and now actually can see your response. Looks like is broken. 🤷

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