We still have a tech position open at the Freedom of the Press Foundation (a nonprofit): a Sr. Software Engineer position to work on SecureDrop, the open source whistleblower platform used by 65+ media organizations, originally developed by the late Aaron Swartz.

You get paid to work
✅ from anywhere in the world
✅ on a world-changing project
✅ that's open source,
✅ stewarded by a small team
✅ that's led by a woman.

Help spreading the word is much appreciated:



@eloquence @how I'm all for diversity and love it that there is an increase (again) of tech for women - but why is "being led by a woman" listed as a bonus of the job? That just sounds like an odd perk. Isn't personality a bit more important than gender for a leader?


In my experience, for many folks from groups not well-represented in a given field (e.g., tech), it can be important and useful to know that other members of that group are already working for the organization, especially in a leadership role of the team they would be joining--because it may mitigate against the reasons that said group is under-represented in the first place.

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