Friendica 2019-06 released!

Thanks everyone who contributed, be it directly by committing patches or new features, doing translations or reporting issues. And now, we happily announce the availability of Friendica 2019.06. It contains many bug fixes, enhancements of existing functionality and some new features. The most noteworthy changes since the last release in March are: Added native two-factor

People who stop using @fedilab in favor of @Tusky because it can be used by "nazis", do you know Firefox can be use by them too? Or Ubuntu? Or anything else? 😱

This is becoming ridiculous.

Today morning I felt exactly like this childrens bicycle seat in our bike storage, after beer and wine last night. So in that sense really happy to have done 30km 😅

Furthest trip so far at least this summer. Goal was 15km in but the weather was so nice kept going until . Went to , which wouldn't have been much further but back was starting to complain, so did last part on train.

Good feeling though!

River on the way to . Just passed some rain clouds looking back, with sunshine ahead!

Things I couldn't live without, in order:

2. My

Sorry, people.

Did you catch my Maintainer Spotlight on I need your help to make progress on

Amusingly, my work trip is zero meters since I work mostly from home :) So mostly free time cycling included in the "competition".

I'm also embarrassed to admit better with other platforms than other Socialhome instances 🙈

My [Kilometrikisa]( stats so far, since May.

In , without a team and want to join the team? 😎

Ps. For you non-Finns, that is 255,9km total, 28 days, 9,1km per day. is an event running until September to encourage workplaces to compete (in a friendly way not so serious way) as cycling teams. Unfortunately as I work alone, my team is also only one man :/

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