go-fed supports two kinds of #ActivityPub golang users: Those that want the library to do as much in the spec as possible (with options to override behavior), or those that want a near-completely custom solution.

Here's two diagrams for how go-fed can fit into your #golang project:
1) Mainly provide callbacks to support the AP logic particular to your app.
2) Implement the DelegateActor interface and do everything yourself.

Doing number 1 doesn't prevent switching to number 2 later.

RT @matgnt2@twitter.com: @ProductHunt@twitter.com Facebook CEO: Open #WhatsApp API and release official #opensource @matrixdotorg@twitter.com bridge.

Communication deserves not to be ruled by a single company!

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Added an "alternatives to slack" page with Matrix / Riot on it, hope this is ok:


Any corrections/suggestions?

#Matrix #Riot #Slack

in the World 2019: in Retreat | Freedom House - freedomhouse.org/report/freedo

We're not just leaving our kids a crappy planet, but also making it increasingly more unjust.

I can really recommend you to set up your own #matrix homeserver!
@matrix has made it really simple to set it up on a debian based machine thanks to their .deb package.

Thanks you @matrix , great work!

Current #spritely status:

- I feel like the Golem docs are starting to really shape up. Not everything I want to be there is there yet, but enough is there where you can probably read this and understand all the core ideas: gitlab.com/spritely/golem/blob
- @_emacsomancer kindly pointed out that I forgot to push up the csexp package to the Racket package server, so you can't test it until I fix that, so I'll get on that next.

It really is a shame that have to take to the streets because won't act.

RT @DailySwig@twitter.com: ICYMI: Matrix is a decentralized communications network aimed at giving users a viable alternative to tech monopolies portswigger.net/daily-swig/ent

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