Extinction Rebellion will create NFTs by late 2022 (via crowdfunding) 😲


Irony is dead.

@aral @etienne

I’m guessing this is done by a small group of people with the best intentions (except the cryptocels currently planning the rug pull), and maybe it is just because I’m too dumb/uninterested to understand, but I can’t imagine what “low carbon blockchain” providing “green crypto” would look like?

“Connecting with the low carbon blockchain can grow green crypto opportunities for equitable finance where life is on the line.”


It may have been an isolated action within XR: fosstodon.org/@ttiurani/108481 so I would not conflate this "incident" to the entire group (for now).

@avuko I don't think you're missing anything: "low carbon blockchain" sounds like an oxymoron.


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