Extinction Rebellion will create NFTs by late 2022 (via crowdfunding) 😲

Irony is dead.

@aral @etienne

I’m guessing this is done by a small group of people with the best intentions (except the cryptocels currently planning the rug pull), and maybe it is just because I’m too dumb/uninterested to understand, but I can’t imagine what “low carbon blockchain” providing “green crypto” would look like?

“Connecting with the low carbon blockchain can grow green crypto opportunities for equitable finance where life is on the line.”

It may have been an isolated action within XR: so I would not conflate this "incident" to the entire group (for now).

@avuko I don't think you're missing anything: "low carbon blockchain" sounds like an oxymoron.


@etienne Extinction Rebellion was never famous for making smart moves. Tbh with all the shit they're pulling, i think they're doing more harm than good.

Those people simply shouldn't speak in name of XR.
I wonder if they are just unreasonable or are there to do sabotage.

@jaywink Looks like it is 🙁

On their Donate page (, there's a link that leads to this page which has the same team members as on the page/link that I initially posted.

@etienne I still wonder if they are real members of the movement, but this is a reminder that every movement might fall one day…

@etienne This is a false flag stunt, no? Please tell me it's not really by XR?

@etienne and I thought that XR were actually reasonable....
I wonder how much pushback this will get inside the movement.

@etienne maybe we can fight extinction later after I've gotten loaded 🤷‍♂️

Vous pouvez commenter @xrfrance ? Je n'ai pus lu mais rien que l'interpellation interpelle 😅

@xrfrance Sur votre page "Donations" (, il y a un lien qui amène à cette page

Cette page montre une équipe dont les members sont les mêmes que ceux mentionnés dans la page citée dans mon message initial.

Etant donné cette observation, est-ce que vous pourriez svp commenter sur le choix d'explorer les NFTs? 🙏

cc @coq

@etienne I'm part of XR Finland, and this is the first I hear of this. If real, this is an abysmally bad idea, and I'm trying to find the channels to question the logic of this project.

P.s. XR is a network of flat autonomous cells, so this might have been decided by a very small group of people.

@ttiurani Hello! 👋

I didn't realize you were part of a XR chapter, good to know. I should have pinged you in the original message.

Anyway, thank you very much for trying to reach out to whoever can change course on this project 🙏

@Timo Tiuraniemi @Etienne

P.s. XR is a network of flat autonomous cells, so this might have been decided by a very small group of people.

This indeed is probably what has happened. Suspect it will be withdrawn soon after enough people in the movement cry out. I'm also in XR Finland and this is just a crazily bad idea.

@etienne It got cancelled 7 hours ago.


@Blort Ha! Look. at. that! Well, that was unexpected 🙂

I wonder what happened internally at XR, it must have been interesting.

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