On dirait que les cas Covid repartent à la hausse : covidtracker.fr/


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I've put together a survey about the Small Internet (#gopher, #gemini, individual webpages, small community sites) and I would love your input. If you are a small internet user, please spend a few minutes and fill in your thoughts. I'm especially interested in the open response questions. This will help inform an upcoming conference talk I'll be giving at mch2022.org

Also, please boost this on fedi as much as possible and feel free to re-share on other social networks and in other communities. The more responses the better.

#smallweb #smallinternet

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Had to take the bus into town today, and wore a kilt. Some Delores decided to take issue; which sadly I'm used to. "Why are you wearing a skirt?!" and so on. As I said, used to it (and big scary white dude, so I have some privilege to wield), so I'm calmly addressing it with her

But then she said "well how am I supposed to explain that to my kid?!", and friends, I didn't have to say a thing, because the most awesome Black lady jumped in. She turned to her kid (I'd guess roughly 13 years old) and said "hey, why is he allowed to wear a skirt?"

Kid: "he's grown enough to wear whatever the fuck he wants"

Mom: "see?! Ain't hard ma'am"

Delores huffed but that was pretty much the end 🤣

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Are there danes and norwegians around here? Or foreigner people living in #Norway or #Denmark? I’d like to get your opinion on the country you’re living in in regard to ethics in politic, ecology, freedom of press, education and healthcare, food, price of housing… let’s call that quality of life^^

I read that Denmark was a better student in many of those topics, that medium wage is higher than in Norway but life a little less expensive. Plus bikes everywhere :hearteyes:

On the other hand #Oslo attracts me as a smaller city compared to #Copenhagen. Plus the “alcohol culture” suits me more. And norwegian seems a little easier than danish (well they do look a lot like each other but they don’t sound at all the same)

But Copenhagen is closer to #Malmö the city of scandinavian rock and from the photos i’ve seen seems a little cuter…

Well as you can see i’m hesitating^^

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Linux elitism makes me sick. I'm tired of people screaming at me what I should be doing on my computer. Shouldn't the linux desktop be about freedom, not about basement people with super inflated egos narrowing your choices?

Please don't be a linux elitist. It's not healthy for the community and your social life.

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My family and I are looking at buying a (hybrid?) electric car next year. By that time, we'll have moved to an ecovillage that will have a few EV chargers.

As I don't know much about these types of car, and if you know an electric car owner on the Fediverse, could you please point me to them?

That'd be very much appreciated 🙏

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Et si on lançait une vague de messages à EELV, PCF, PS pour leur hurler qu'on voudrait bien qu'ils forment un groupe histoire d'être les seconds et de récupérer la commission des finances ? Z'en pensez quoi ? Je prépare un brouillon ?

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Anne-Sophie Lapix qui en lâche une belle sur France 2 😄

En s'adressant à une députée RN sur son plateau : "est-ce que vous allez alors collaborer avec... non, attendez c'est pas le bon mot... travailler avec..."


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Here are a few thoughts about being a #musician today:
- No one will discover you on the internets.
- So you have to show yourself
- Don't try to please everybody, but PLEASE, try to please your audience.
- So learn who your audience is.
- It's OK to make music just for yourself, you owe nothing to no one.
- But if you want to be listened to/ gain momentum/make money, you should (in my opinion) promote your music
- Be consistant
- Be regular

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@ttiurani do you know what happen internally, over the past couple of days, by any chance?

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Two days ago, I posted about Extinction Rebellion planning to create NFTs.

It look like the related crowdfunding project got cancelled! 😲


I dare say: good job, Fediverse 🚀 🙂

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Génération flemme ? Non, génération bien-être ! - courrierinternational.com/arti

> L’épuisement au travail, ou burn-out, semble d’autant plus absurde que les perspectives économiques ou même climatiques ne justifient pas un dévouement total au travail. Dans ce contexte, “nous préférons être heureux maintenant”, argumente Lea Schönborn. Et si s’entendre avec son patron n’est pas possible, “je deviendrai mon propre patron. Mais à temps partiel”, conclut Lea.

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@etienne I'm part of XR Finland, and this is the first I hear of this. If real, this is an abysmally bad idea, and I'm trying to find the channels to question the logic of this project.

P.s. XR is a network of flat autonomous cells, so this might have been decided by a very small group of people.

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