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#JeRecrute Et voici la version qui ne vous obligera pas à vous accointer avec linkedin !

Pour rappel : dev C++/Qt à Montpellier.

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🇮🇳 Mastodon: What Is It and Why Is It Gaining Popularity? -

> While Mastodon has potential, it still has a long way to go, before it can be considered as a platform that can topple Twitter. The homepage is littered with multi-lingual posts in varied languages, and while the local tab does bring in some relatability, it isn't as well rooted as Twiiter is – yet.

Just sort out by language, dude.

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La Boite Noire qui enregistre votre Internet

Par défaut vous utilisez les DNS de votre fournisseur d’accès à Internet.

Je ne dirais pas que ce sont les DNS à qui il faut faire le plus confiance.

Surtout quand il y a une alternative meilleure à côté.

Je propose de remplacer vos DNS par ceux de FDN.

<3 @FDN

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Jusqu'à 75 % de remise sur Cities Skyline et ses extensions -

Si vous n'avez pas encore passé des heures sur ce jeu de construction de villes, foncez tout de suite !

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Bordel de merde.
J'ai bouffé un camembert frit, spécialité alsacienne d'après la carte (cc @laetsgo), et j'en peux plus. C'était délicieux mais je crois qu'il se reforme dans mon estomac, en m’assommant complètement.

Sieste ? Café !

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I'm trying to keep track of the mass migrations to Mastodon that have happened.

I think it started with:
- early adopters, programmers, FOSS people
- tons of peeps in Japan
- furry community moving off Twitter
- LGBTQ+ folks leaving twitter
- people who saw that polygon article (me) or heard about it when it started getting mentioned on hackernews
- comics/artists leaving twitter
- NSFW blogs leaving Tumblr
- sex workers
- and now, Indian politics Twitter users

Am I missing any big moments?

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#Demonitisation was a major inconvenience for all of us, but most of us had the financial stability to recover. It is the poor and the marginalised who were worst hit. Loss of earnings, loss of savings, loss of dreams.
#DeMonetisationDisaster #modimadedisaster

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Got bored to answer the same question again and again, so wrote it down in a blog post. How to verify any account on Mastodon? Please boost for more reach. #India

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Need more features like cropping image and scheduling toots? Install Fedilab app.

Available free on FDroid and paid app on playstore.

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Allow F-Droid to update repositories. After that you should see following screens. Install #Fedilab.

And don't forget to check apps in F-Droid. They are all FOSS apps. Mostly useful and fun. Just not very glossy. But no ads. 😎

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La semaine de rébellion a été un temps de croissance et d’épreuves pour XR.

Le mouvement a dû se remettre en question tout en agissant et s’adapter à un contexte continuellement changeant tout en faisant face à de nouvelles tactiques policières.


#XR #xrfrance #ExtinctionRebellion #Regen

Netflix's 'The King' is anti-French nonsense that flatters a war criminal, says director of Agincourt museum -

> Gallic blood is boiling over Netflix's star-studded film of the battle of Agincourt, the King, amid claims it is riddled with historical inaccuracies, dangerously jingoistic and “anti-French”.

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Did you know that Mastodon is only part of the fediverse?

For example, you can share and comment videos on PeerTube :

Similarly, there is Pleroma, another microblogging tool that allows you to share with Mastodon:

And even Funkwhale a social platform to enjoy and share music :

You will find information on the Fediverse on:

#newcomers #india

cc @DilliDurAst

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Congratulations to #QOTO! We recently passed the 3,000 user count on the server and still seeing about 100 new users a day!

Welcome to all the new users, I look forward to getting to know all of you.


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