After a review of Proton’s social footprint, we’ve decided to refocus our efforts into fewer channels where we can give our 100% to serve the community with relevant content, updates about the #protonsuite, and our take on breaking privacy news.

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Thank you again to our community for your support!

@protonmail sad choice. You now force users here on Mastodon that tend to care about their privacy, to visit a platform that doesn't.

Please consider setting up a Crossposter at least!

> Please consider setting up a Crossposter at least!

Please don't. Crossposting is the worst choice you me do. Use a network or don't use it. Pretending kills the fedivers.


@dada @rarepublic @protonmail if they often keep up to check the accounts here there is nothing wrong with crossposting. I did it. Many did it.

@gmate8 @rarepublic This is bad. If you crosspost, you don't properly fill the network. You copy/post twitter-oriented messages to the fedivers. This is basically stupid and a real pain in the ass for people trying to avoid the commercial networks.


@dada @rarepublic @protonmail But if you want to post out the SAME thing on both networks why would it be logical not to use a crossposter? Makes no sense to me.

@gmate8 then crosspost Mastodon -> Twitter.
Keep in mind that using Twitter creates Twitter-oriented way of writing things. That's an issue.

@rarepublic @protonmail


@gmate8 Please enjoy reading everything you may find about the Attention economy

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