@dada La dernière fois que j'ai dit "c'est des utilisateurs, c'est pas des testeurs", on m' répondu "Ils ne testent pas, ils se familiarisent avec l'outil". :flan_think:

@dada Software is like a Banana. You let it mature at the customer 😈

That means... neural networks, right?
How fancy.

@dada For blind persons: a double image, one with a guy which ask "What tool do you use to test your code ?" and the second picture with a drunked man with a glass of wine in hand which reply : "Users".

@dada Another cool option (for live, network-reachable systems only): just wait until a blackhat finds the security flaws.

Pro tip: order enough popcorn to enjoy the finger pointing afterwards and wait if you see the impact of lessons learned on the budget planning. 😎

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