Why I left my social accounts -

Tom79, main dev of Fedilab, Tubelab, the Mobilizon App, etc, just left the social plateforms he created apps for.

That's a shame he got threatened, insulted and so one.

Some retards can't image their are human beings behind nicknames. Disgusting.

Whaaat I could not imagine he was threatened/insulted! :o :/
His main app, Fedilab, is what helped me get and stay on the Fediverse...

I've got just one thing to say.

Thank you Tom79 for all your work. We'll miss you, and hope we'll see you again.

Oh, and for those retards... GTFOH😡


@dada I learned one thing from this terrible news, when I start developing open source apps I will develop them in my own git repository all by myself with a different idenity than those I use online. Being nice to people and respecting them? I always knew that, I wish others did too.

Very likely CIA PSYOPS or the likes. Don't give up!

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