Hey, 3D printers owners, what's your print speed?

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(repost to add «see answers» for curious lads)

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@dada Mon setup courant sous #prusaslicer
J'ai voté 30-40 parce que ça doit coller avec la vitesse moyenne.

@dada Idem que @Tom23
Concernant le TPU je descends vraiment pas mal aussi.

@dada I voted "50mm/s" but it could be (often) less depending on filament and parts.
for example with flex filament, I print at ~20-30mm/s but for draft in PLA I can go up to 80-100mm/s...

@arofarn 80 to 100 ? Gosh, that's faster than everything I ever tried. The print must be really draft 😲

@dada with a well tuned printer, not that much. You must ensure a good bed adhesion and the result have more "ghosting" and is more brittle (less layer adhesion).
But as it is dimensionnaly accurate.. well it enough for draft/prototypes.

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