Here is a funny thing :

vs vs indexation work, over the last 7 days, on my more than 10 years old blog.

Enjoy and choose wisely your search engine.

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@dada Qwant est pas si mal que ça au final. Peut faire mieux, c’est sûr, mais pas mal.

@dada That's strange because I have some logs about the DuckDuckBot in my logs.

@simounet 7 days old logs only. I erased my older logs 'cause they used lot of space :(
Anyway, I'm surprised by the absolute absence of DuckDuckGo.

@dada Me too so I checked and there not so much of it but they are still there.

@dada Je viens de checker sur un de mes sites. DuckDuckBot passe environ une fois par mois... vraiment discret

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