Is An Alternative To And Can It Fight ? We Asked Its Founder -

> Mastodon’s founder Eugen Rochko spoke to BOOM regarding misinformation and how the platform is dealing with it

@Gargron interrogé par @boomlive sur Mastodon, sa modération et ses différences avec Twitter.

@dada @Gargron @boomlive

The so called #fediverse is a huge joke, it does not connect people at all, its a walled snowflake fediverse where everyone is afraid of hurty words and need their teddy bears. Many instances like #Mastodon have blocked #Gab because its not PC enough, not leftwing enough. Most of the fediverse is full of silly cry baby #soyboys.

#ActivityPub #Pleroma #censorship

@MarcusAgrippa @dada @Gargron @boomlive What about the snowflakes who are constantly crying about #porn being evil because they can't tolerate other people enjoying something they don't like? Are we not gonna talk about that part of #Gab and manchild culture?

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