Q : Authors of such restrictive software argue that it is still free software because more technically adept users are able to download the source, remove the built-in censorship blacklists and recompile their own non-censoring version.

A : "That is correct."

is still Free Software according to Richard .

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cc @Tusky

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Just for trolling, there should be a version of @Tusky only for Gab, blocking the Fediverse 😅

@dada @Tusky this only begs the question: why go through the trouble in the first place if ultimately the block can be removed anyway?

@dada @Tusky So what? No one is disputing that it's still free software. What people are objecting to is the censorship and duplicitous actions being taken. Way to completely miss the point.

@terryenglish There's no censorship when you force assholes to shut up. At least, in the EU.

I would have zero problems with hate speech laws if they weren't constantly being abused to silence legitimate discussion on social issues or censoring political opponents.

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