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Le choix paraît évident, et je ne comprends pas que certains répètent en boucle, y compris sur France Inter, que "pour cette campagne, personne ne sait pour qui voter". Posture ?

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Comparatifs programmes
Si certaines personnes doutent encore, je ne sais pas ce qu'il faut de plus...
#présidentielles2022 #Mélenchon
Explications simples et incontestables pour le vote dès le 1er tour par Pierre Larrouturou.

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C'est fou : dès 2017, les journalistes débunkaient les calomnies contre et ses soit-disantes positions pro-Poutine.
Comment cette profession peut être aussi amnésique 5 ans après ?

Programmes des notés par le collectif

Programmes analysés par la Confédération Nationale du Logement

Classement par L214 :

Il y en a quand même un qui arrive toujours un tête...

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NEW | Analysis: Which countries are historically responsible for climate change? | @DrSimEvans

Cumulative fossil fuel & land emissions 1850-2021
🇺🇸 US 509GtCO2
🇨🇳 CN 284
🇷🇺 RU 172
🇧🇷 BR 113
🇮🇩 ID 103
🇩🇪 DE 88
🇮🇳 IN 86
🇬🇧 UK 74
🇯🇵 JP 68
🇨🇦 CA 65


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La Ministre chargée de la lutte contre les dérives sectaires participe à un podcast New Age promouvant Thierry Casasnovas et des astrologues, médiums, anthroposophes, chamans, pseudo-thérapeutes…
Bref, tout ce que la @Miviludes_Gouv décrit comme le terreau fertile des dérives.

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HU Art Sound (2) wrote the following post Thu, 23 Sep 2021 23:06:20 +0200 Still the same lame tune

#carrtoon by Mike #Peters back in the 70s
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Is there a library providing #Zot support, which could be used in any projects?
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What is it with fedi server software (looking at you, @Mastodon and @pixelfed ) not accepting SVG image uploads?..


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Hubzilla 6.0 marks a major milestone in the history of this project. About a year after zot6 has become the primary protocol, we say goodbye to the legacy zot version a.k.a. zot4 which has served us well for the last decade. Diaspora conversations (mail) has been streamlined to make use of the core direct messages infrastructure. While working on a separate direct messages frontend we have created a new interface which provides a slick way to quickly skim through your contacts posts, direct messages and optionally your starred posts. This interface has become the default landing page after login. All in all a release with massive changes under the hood and some nice additions to the frontend. This work for Hubzilla 6.0 has been sponsored by @NGI Zero open source funding. Thank you for that!

Other notable changes:
- Implement swipe to right for bringing in left aside on mobile devices
- Implement desktop notifications
- GNU-Social and Pubsubhubbub addons moved to addons-unmaintained repository
- The legacy mail addon is now read only - it will be removed in a future version
- Bugfixes and code cleanup

A big THANK YOU! to all contributors and everybody who is supporting Hubzilla.

How to Upgrade

create a backup

execute util/udall from the terminal

Get the Code

Source code:
Install instructions:

Hubzilla, a powerful platform for creating interconnected websites featuring a decentralized identity, communications, and permissions framework built using common webserver technology.

#Hubzilla #NGIZero
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