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Hi, Imagine a new opensouce project with a lot of existing source code. In fact the project already “run” (in pre-alpha mode).

Where will you host the source code?

Boost are welcome Take care of you.

#Signal turning into a crypto-ponzi currency scheme?


That Signal:
- isn't really free/libre software (as Moxie denied freedom to redistribute modified version)
- would *never* federate (political choice of centralization)
- updated server software wasn't published
- invaded people's phonebooks
- runs on Amazon+NSA's infrastructure
- is virtually impossible to use out of Google's infrastructure -
- etc.

...didn't seem to be enough to alarm Signal users.

"microsoft: i didn't steal your private code i own github"

by molii08qp

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter!

We visited my Dad for Easter Sunday. Whilst food was gently slow-cooking away, we visited nearby Caldbeck for a wander around a limestone gorge called the Howk. 👍

More photos here, if you fancy ->

#landscape #nature #travel #photography #photo #photographie #spring #lakedistrict #cumbria #uk #britain #england #art

A few days ago I had an idea for a simple e-ink project and found Inkplate - an Open Hardware design with ESP32 and recycled Kindle displays.

Programmed it to wake up daily at midnight to download a PGM image over WiFi ( from a server which checks some stuff like trash collection schedule. Should last years on a single battery charge.

Check it out if you look for a super approachable way to build some e-ink stuff!

"Thought you guys would appreciate this more than my friends would"

by PurpleFanto

Are you an Arch Linux developer? Interested in getting more #security? This one is for you.

We're supporting the Arch Linux #community to further secure your activities. 🙂

#opensource #softwaredevelopment

On dirait pas comme ça, mais faire une capture d'écran de l'application de capture d'écran c'est compliqué.

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Pour les applications c'est facile. Il suffit de regarder les coins inférieurs. S'ils sont arrondis c'est que l'appli a été mise à jour.

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Je lance une petite mise à jour sur ArchLinux, je vois des paquets Gnome 40. Chic!

Fin de la mise à jour.

Je redémarre.

Gnome-Shell n'est pas encore en version 40 :blobglare:

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