Me, replying to a question about TypeScript: Sorry, I don’t use TypeScript for the same reason I don’t code in Java and transpile to JavaScript :)

Wait, you don’t think…

*goes to check…*

Sweet jeez, of course someone’s made a tool for that…

*smh* :)


Don’t get me wrong: your IDE using/intuiting TypeScript type definitions to help you code: great.

Coding in TypeScript: not so great.

(Which shall become apparent in five years’ time for all the reasons no one writes CoffeeScript today.)

I mean, heck, enterprise folks have been trying to make JavaScript into Java for as long as I can remember. It’s the reason ECMAScript 4 was abandoned in the ActionScript days. The fallout literally held JS back for a decade until ES6.


@aral interesting take. I always though CoffeeScript is dead because it wasn't widely adopted.
Typescript OTOH is widely adopted and supported by the majors framework.

In my experience writing Typescript or Javascript is the same pain : you have to manage webpack and all the fucked up js toolchain.

If you only need to support modern browsers, you could just not use webpack and use ES6 modules.

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