That time Saturn accidentally showed everyone how much space is wasted with cars.

Frog is an application which finds and outposts texts from images. Personally I find it incredibly useful for when someone's sharing their screen in a call and I want to quickly grab whatever information I need from their desktop. Just take a screenshot and let Frog do the rest! It also has support for many different language components for you to install and use

You can get the app on Flathub here:

#gaotw #gnome #app #flatpak

L'ordi qui s'éteint tout seul c'est pas très cool.

So yesterday I talked a lot about #JWST, but that's not actually what I work on the most right now! Until we get JWST data I'm over in #Spitzer land, a previous #NASA space telescope that is unfortunately no longer operational.

Even though it's not actively collecting data, there is still so much #science we can do with what exists! 🔭

I have a grant from NASA to uniformly reanalyze ALL of the Spitzer #exoplanet phase curve data:

So what's a phase curve and why do we care?

Here's an #introduction.

I'm an ecologist currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden. At work I try to find out how plant communities are affected by changes in climate, what that means for ecosystem functioning under climate change, and whether we can already see signs of changes in habitats that have been monitored for a long time. #Openscience is important to me.

I love cycling and the outdoors🚴, all the species🌱🦇🦢🐌🦋, and playing nintendo :n64:

Looking forward to meeting new people!

Do people like threads here? I guess we'll find out!

Between meetings today I thought I'd talk about #NASA #JWST and all the exciting #science we can expect from it starting in a few months!

(Yes, I made this travel mug ❤️)

#SciComm #Exoplanets #Astronomy #Astrophysics #Telescope #MastodonNewbie

Friends of the #fediverse. Lots of changes coming to the #Thunderbird #email client in the next three months. Would love if you could all grab the Daily or Beta release and let me know thoughts and concerns as you watch the changes roll in.

Go to the bottom of site to choose version:

Feel free to ping me with your experience!

@DawnPaladin me too (re: email triage features - my inbox is insane). Here's the big stuff for the 102 release:

And then, beyond that, we have a major update to the UI/UX coming, where we intend to provide some powerful triaging features.

It's symbolic. Eras don't end in a single day., and "tag clouds" and "folksonomies" died earlier. Google Maps allowed mashups for a few more years. Flickr lips along. But when Google Reader has been shut down, it was a wake-up call that corporations don't support open APIs out of their good heart, and the Web won't be XHTML+AJAX.

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Also in 2013 when the Web 2.0 has ended:

• MyOpenID, the biggest OpenID provider has shut down their API (took VC funding, focused on adtech surveilance). Mozilla Persona died next year.

• Twitter closed their freely accessible v1 API, crippling or destroying open apps and the social backbone of mashups.

• Nokia and Blackberry were dying. Smartphones were booming. iOS7 launched. Android 4 became actually decent. Apps were all the rage.

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Also in 2013 when the Web 2.0 has ended:

• Google's Schmidt said "don't be evil" was "the stupidest rule ever". The actual motto back then was a monetization-centric "You can make money without doing evil".

• Google Talk dropped XMPP federation, and Hangouts dropped it entirely.

• Google pushed W3C to take their "HTML5" API for launching secret DRM plugins.

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