Should /e/OS drop @telegram and @signalapp as preinstalled apps in favor of the universal and E2E-encrypted Instant Messaging application @delta_chat?
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#android #privacy

@gael Definitely, Signal should be dropped. This app is confusing and mixes SMS and chat via their own protocol. Plus, it presents a serious bug preventing SMS from A to be delivered to B when A and B used Signal at some point but A stopped using it and switched back to plain old SMS. My theory being that Signal switches to their own messaging system has soon has it can and never switches back to plain old SMS.


@gael I would argue to use @silence as SMS app. This is a fully functioning plain old SMS app that encrypts messages as soon as both users have Silence installed. Plus, the project could appreciate some love since its main dev is currently busy with studies.

As for instant messaging app, Telegram seems some kind of default standard (unhopefully), Matrix definitely isn't user friendly (yet?) and Delta may be confusing.

My 2 cents.

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