A friend willing to change their @gmail.com email is asking for a solution to also #host a #webpage (resume) under a #domain name they control.

They are not technical and the best solution would be a single provider with low prices and a good web interface to self-manage this. And the ideal solution would be if the provider runs a service that can be #self-hosted.

Do you fine people have a suggestion?


@AugierLe42e I was actually looking at them. But for the life of me I can't figure out how to activate the "website" on the v4 interface and the new interface states that this feature is not available yet. Am I missing something?


@loic Not sure. Never used it but I know the new interface provides a "Gandi blog" feature. Would it be the new name?

@AugierLe42e unfortunately it is "Available soon!" 😂

> In the meantime, if you are a customer of our classic website and you already have a Gandi Blog, please follow the link below to manage it on our classic website.

I don't mind using the v4 interface though.

The blog is based on dotclear, which is good because it's Free Software. Although the admin interface was designed a long long time ago it could be a solution.


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